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Promote your company on a bill board and someone might see it, put an advert on the radio and someone might hear it, give away a flyer and someone might read it. Hand your client a promotional product and they will see it, they will feel, they could even hear it, smell it and taste it. Consider this, 52% of people surveyed said their impression of a company is more positive after receiving promotional products, and nearly 50% use those products daily, Daily..! How does the result of your last marketing campaign stack up against that?


The gift that just keeps giving back

A goal for any business, big or small is to increase brand recognition. How can you stand out from your competitors and also remain in the minds of your customers, both potential and current? Give, and you shall receive, studies show that 66% of participants claimed they could recall the brand on a promotional product received with the past 12 months and 79% of people asked will place business with that company because of it. This increases again if you customize the item to your customer, making it practical and something that can be used everyday and of course it's not just them who will see it, everywhere they take your inspired bespoke promotional product others will see it and your company logo. 


Bang for your buck:
A whopping 87% of people asked, kept a promotional item for longer than a year! Promotional products delivered a better return on investment than radio and outdoor advertising and is equal to TV and print. However with a smaller price tag and longer lasting impact, a huge variety to choose from and the ability to create a bespoke item tailored to your customer you achieve greater perceived value and invoke stronger customer loyalty. So making one small initial outlay can create repeat exposure, enhance customer relationships and increase your chance of repeat business.  


So, why use promotional products?  
Promotional products work because they leave a lasting impression in the hearts, minds and hands of recipients. The messages live on because the products are memorable, unique and personal. They are the only medium that gives people a tangible memory of their relationship with your brand.


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